Enhanced Putting Lessons powered by TECPUTT™

The best way to work on your putting and drop your scores is to start with a thorough assessment of your current putting ability. GOLFTEC now has putting lessons utilizing TECPUTT motion technology to analyze exactly what’s happening with your putting stroke.


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Measure and Improve Your Putting Skills

Improve your scores when you work with a GOLFTEC Coach and TECPUTT

According to our data, golfers who shoot over 85 3-putt at least twice per round. And eliminating 3-putts is one of the fastest ways to shave strokes off your score! Using TECPUTT you will learn your face angle and loft, path direction and length and everything needed to improve your stroke. With this knowledge, lessons and practice, you can become a great putter.

Experience Fact Based Putting Instruction


Similar to your full swing lessons, measuring what you do well and what you need to work on is step one in developing a putting lesson plan. Your Coach will begin your assessment by asking a few questions about your current putting tendencies.


Next, your Coach will test your ability to start putts on your intended line. You will hit a few short putts while your Coach measures the path of your stroke and the putter face angle with a sensor, documenting your patterns.


Next up is a test of your distance control. Your Coach will ask you to hit several more putts inside a specific area while measuring your ability to control how far the ball rolls.


Lastly, you will be given a straight putt, and your Coach will ask you to go through your normal pre-shot routine while measuring how well you aim the putter at your target.

Detailed Results

Understand your putting performance

There are many forms of putting that can work. In fact, all sorts of putter styles, grips and stroke patterns are used on Tour week in, week out. The biggest difference between a good and bad putter is repeatability. Putting lessons with your Coach will show you why you don't hit more predictable putts and recommend a plan to develop sure-fire putting skills.

Take it Outdoors

Learn to read greens and play the course

After you learn about the putting stroke and practice to consistently control your direction, speed and aim, you can take your putting lessons on the course. Your Coach will show you the best way to attack greens to minimize three putts and put you in position to lower your scores!

Say Goodbye to 3-Putts

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