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Setting a New Standard for How Golf Swings are Measured

As the first and only motion capture and measurement system of its kind in golf, OptiMotion is a groundbreaking technology that sets a new standard for how golf swings are measured and provides GOLFTEC Coaches with an incredibly powerful tool. OptiMotion is powered by custom-built, high-speed, HD cameras that measure the golf swing in 3D and leverages a proprietary artificial intelligence model to unprecedentedly collect more than 4,000 data points in every swing.



Changing the way Golf Instruction is Delivered

Unlike other instruction technology, OptiMotion doesn't require golfers to wear cumbersome, restrictive cords and harnesses nor rely on single-camera devices. Instead, it's a wireless, sensorless environment utilizing two cameras - one positioned face-on and the other behind looking "down the line." The student's body movements are tracked throughout various points in the swing. Expert coaches guide the entire experience and deliver instant, data-driven feedback to build an easy-to-understand, practical improvement plan as a basis to play better golf.

A Wireless, Sensorless Motion Capture System


OptiMotion features two custom-built cameras - one positioned face-on and the other behind golfers looking "down the target line" - which instantly track how students' bodies move throughout various points in their swings.


OptiMotion tracks full body motion during the golf swing and delivers feedback in real time. Students don’t wear cumbersome cords and harnesses; therefore, their field of movement is neither limited nor restricted.

big swing data

The heavy lifting is done by AI, software and a two-camera system capturing unprecedented amounts of data on the golf swing. With a digital library of more than 14 million golf swings, including motion tracking and ball flight data, GOLFTEC owns more raw biomechanics information than any company in the world.

next-level coaching tool

Expert GOLFTEC coaches guide the entire experience and work with students to provide an easy understanding and basis to play better golf. This human interaction, combined with revolutionary OptiMotion technology, accelerate the game-improvement process with utmost accuracy and on-course results.

A New Standard for Golf Instruction

Lessons become streamlined with little to no setup time. Swings are captured immediately and in 3D, to get a complete picture of both what you’re doing with your body and club right now, to maximize your clubhead speed, ball-striking and play better golf.



Driving Innovation

In relentless pursuit to improve golf swings globally, GOLFTEC collaborated on OptiMotion with Uplift Labs in Silicon Valley, the sport science team at the University of Denver, hundreds of GOLFTEC coaches and thousands of students to curate an extensive inventory of swing variables. The partnership integrated cutting-edge artificial intelligence, biomechanics data and GOLFTEC’s library of tens of millions of golf swings to output real-time analysis identifying key areas for improvement.

Experience OptiMotion

OptiMotion is now available at over 200 Training Centers worldwide. Experience the future of game improvement at your local GOLFTEC by filling out this form. With OptiMotion and the help of our expert coaches, players of any skill level or age will benefit from a swing evaluation to identify areas for improvement. Book your lesson today!

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